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About me

My name is Dragana Jovancevic. Marketing communication and branding are my passion. I'm in love with copywriting and storytelling and I adore design. This is my portfolio. How do you like it?


Why I adore Design?

The main role of design is that by the form in which are achieved harmony and beauty foster brand expression and enable its differentiation from the competition by telling a story that is in line with the marketing concept of the company.

The design needs to connect the brand with the audience using all five senses, taking into account the verbal, visual, sensory and interactive components of the brand.

As a part of the plan of integrated marketing communications, it plays a significant role in the effective planning of the image of the organization. Design affects the feeling that consumers have about the company and its brands.

Thanks to the impact of digital technology New Media Design is gaining in importance more and more.

Content & Copywriting

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What is The Secret of Copywriting and Content Marketing?

Verbal or writen message follows visual form. Its primary task is to attract readers' attention and deliver to them the value and benefits that brand has to offer when they most need them. Writing a marketing messages is known as Copywriting and for the words that constitute the message says that these are "words that sell."

Unlike Copywriting Content Marketing represents communication, whose main purpose is not selling. One can deliver the message via blog, email, web pages on the website and through social networks. It needs to exceed the expectations of potential customers by understanding their desires and motivations, by looking at things through their eyes and offers them educational content to help them solve a problem.

Content Marketing Strategy helps us establish an emotional connection between consumers and the brand. Consumers become loyal to the brand.


Why is The Storytelling so powerful?

The power of storytelling is in creating a feeling of belonging and desire to discover what is inside the world of the brand.

Storytelling explains what the brand stands for communicating its values and mission in compelling and memorable ways, explaining its identity in a way that engage our emotions.

It utilizes an integrated new media as a tool of expression for telling a story in several different media platforms, and it's always a story that inseparably connects with us.

The story about me is similar to the story of a girl who has created a world of words. Words are my passion. "Words that Sell" and design, that together with these words tell a story that rises above the expectations and creates the world of marketing communications and branding, in which the only reality consists of realized dreams of those who has dared to dream and achieve their goal.

For more information please read my CV!